Type: Private
Industry: Software industry
Founded: 1993
Founder: Neville Roy Singham
Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois, United States
Number of locations: 42
Key people: Martin Fowler, Jim Highsmith
Products: Mingle, Go continuous delivery, Snap CI, Gauge (alternative for Twist), CruiseControl, Selenium
Services: custom software applications
Number of employees: 5000+
Divisions: Thoughtworks Studios
ThoughtWorks is a privately owned, global technology company with 42 offices in 15 countries. It provides software design and delivery, and pioneering tools and consulting services. The company is closely associated with the movement for agile software development, and has contributed to a range of open source products.Corporate philosophy 
ThoughtWorks has a tri-pillar system of corporate beliefs, inspired by Ben & Jerry's model. These beliefs, referred to as the "3 Pillars" include
(1) Sustainable Business 
(2) Software Excellence 
 (3) Social Justice.


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