Type:  Private
Industry: Online food ordering
Founded: Boston, United States (2009)
Founder: Phil Dumontet
Services: Restaurant delivery
Revenue: $7.5m 
Number of employees: 122 
Website: dashed.com

DASHED is a US restaurant delivery service founded in Boston, Massachusetts by Phil Dumontet in 2009. The company provides rapid delivery for over 800 restaurants that don't have their own services in Baltimore, Boston, Hoboken, New Haven, Philadelphia, Providence and Washington, DCThe company partners exclusively with Foodler for online ordering. It expanded to Baltimore in April 2013, adding 50 restaurants that don’t have their own delivery staff, including P.F. Chang's. Restaurants pay DASHED a 30 percent commission to make their deliveries.Dashed was acquired by Grubhub in August 2017.


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