Cooking Fever



Cooking Fever
Developer(s): Nordcurrent
Publisher(s):  Nordcurrent
Platform(s): iOS, Android, Windows 10
Release:     2014

Game play rule:
Cooking Fever is a cooking simulation mobile game developed by Nordcurrent, a Lithuanian game developing and publishing company. In the game, players manage various restaurants by making foods and drinks, serving customers, and earning money. Players need to make some upgrades of their kitchen appliances and interior features in order to clear higher levels.
Cooking Fever currently has three different modes to play; the first screen is City which has 10 restaurants, second mode is Paradise Island which currently has 7 restaurants and finally, the third mode is Alpine Mountains which currently has 6 restaurants. The Fast Food Court is available when you start the game and other restaurants will be available as we go on increasing the levels, which are known as XP. Each restaurant has 40 levels to play and a minimum score is needed to pass and get promoted to the next level. In-app purchases are also available; so if you are impatient, you can spend real money to get extra coins and gems instead of earning them during the game.
City restaurants        
Fast Food Court
Chinese Restaurant
Indian Diner
Seafood Bistro
Breakfast Cafe
Sushi Restaurant
FC Barcelona Sports Bar
Hell's Kitchen
Paradise Island restaurants        Edit
Ice Cream Bar
Paradise Cocktail Bar
Corn Dog Van
Cafe Mexicana
House of Crab
Sunset Waffles
Thai Food Stall
Alpine Mountains restaurants        Edit
Smokey Grill BBQ
Italian Buffet
Salad Bar
Aloha Bistro
Michelle's Cafe
Alpine Meat Palace
ince its release in 2014, Cooking Fever has become one of the most popular mobile games, having been cumulatively downloaded more than 100 million times in 2017.

On December 1, 2017, Nordcurrent partnered with Coca-Cola to release an update where players can now sell official Coca-Cola beverages in-game.


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