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    • Arrays in Java are objects, created with the new operator.
    • Unordered arrays offer fast insertion but slow searching and deletion.
    • Wrapping an array in a class protects the array from being inadvertently altered.
    • A class interface is composed of the methods (and occasionally fields) that the class user can access.
    • A class interface can be designed to make things simple for the class user.
    • A binary search can be applied to an ordered array.
    • The logarithm to the base B of a number A is (roughly) the number of times you can divide A by B before the result is less than 1.
    • Linear searches require time proportional to the number of items in an array.
    • Binary searches require time proportional to the logarithm of the number of items.
    • Big O notation provides a convenient way to compare the speed of algorithms.
    • An algorithm that runs in O(1) time is the best, O(log N) is good, O(N) is fair, and O(N2 ) is pretty bad.