Accenture mettl online test instruction

Step 1. Download and install SEB browser-

The-mail sent to you contains a link to download the Safe Exam Browser (SEB)  for taking up the assessment.

Step 2. Open the Safe Exam Browser from your desktop or local file. Search in start menu if you can’t able to find.

Step 3. The Safe Exam Browser (SEB) will link to the Accenture careers page. Select “Candidate” and then log in.

Step 4. You will need to log in using the e-mail ID you registered with Accenture. For password if you don’t know password than reset password by clicking forget password.

Step5.  Login as ‘Recruiting Candidate for Accenture’.

Step 6.  Select your location and click on ‘Proceed to Test’.

Step 7. Start Test.

All the best!!


Accenture Hiring Process

Freshers :
Criteria: minimum of 60% throughout their academics (10th and 12th standard, under-graduation, and post-graduation).
Qualification: full-time Bachelors or Masters Degree (B.E, B.Tech, B.Com, BBA, BSc. M.Tech, M.E, MBA, etc) from a recognized university.

The candidate should not have a year gap of more than one year.

The candidate should not have any backlogs at the time of application.
In Accenture Recruitment Process, the freshers have to go through three rounds as

Written Test

Technical Interview

HR Interview

Hiring of Fresher Through:
1)College Campus Hiring.
2)Off Campus Hiring.
3)Through any consultancy/ e litmus.

1)College Campus Hiring/Campus placements

Aptitude test,RS agarwal is enough to prepare
2 Techincal interviews
HR interview

Off Campus
Aptitude test
Techincal interview
Managerial interview-scenario based questions
HR interview

Aptitude test:
The written test of Accenture Recruitment process is of 3 sections as Analytical Aptitude, Verbal Ability, and Attention to detail. The total time duration of the exam is 60 minutes and the total number of questions to be answered within that limit is 55. Even though there are no sectional cutoffs and negative marking, there are sectional time limits.
The Accenture written test pattern 2018 is given below.

1)Accenture Portal : You can go to the Accenture portal, find opening based on your skills and apply.
2)Through any consultancy.
3)Employee Referal

First Round : In this round HR checks if you know your skill (Includes online test sometimes)
Technical Round : This is Technical round, based on your Graduation or Last job it goes.
The document happens. If you have cleared all above rounds.
The last and Favorite part of mine, Salary Discussion.

Amazon recruitment process

Amazon campus recruitment process:
Amazon Fresher recruitment process:

Academic Criteria:

60 percent throughout (Class X , XII and Graduation).

Education gap of not more than one year.

In this process, there are 4 rounds.
1)Written Round
2)Technical Round 1
3)Technical Round 2
4)HR round

1)Written Round:

The total time allotted to the written exam is 90 minutes. There is no negative marking in the paper.
The Written round consists of 3 sections:
b)Verbal ability
a)Aptitude: There are 30 Questions in the Aptitude section. The important topics include Time, Speed and Work, Percentages, Profit and Loss, Ratio and Proportion, Probability, Triangles and Function

b)Verbal ability: There are 30 questions in the Verbal Ability section. The important topics include Reading Comprehension, Sentence Correction, Identifying error in a sentence, Synonyms and Antonyms.

c)Technical: There are 44 questions in the Technical Section. The important topics include C, Data Structures and DBMS.
The allotted time to solve the questions in these sections is 120 minutes. There is no negative marking in this round.

Overall the level of the paper is easy to moderate. Only those candidates who clear the written exam will qualify for the next round.

2)Technical Round 1:
In this round, some of the subjects that you will be tested include C, Data Structures and DBMS. Along with these, prepare on two more subjects from your branch.
Its consists of o/p, complexity, C language and DBMS.
In most of the technical interviews, the interview panel questions you on your favorite subject and in this case, you can speak about the subjects that you have prepared.

3)Technical Round 2:
This is another technical interview but under pressure.
Confidence matters a lot in this round as the interview panel is going to check whether you are able to manage the stress or not. When you are pushed out of your comfort zone, keep calm and answer the questions that you know.

4)HR Round:

In this round, the interview panel questions you everything/anything related to your personality, family, education, hobbies, internships, work experience (if relevant), general knowledge, etc.

Note:If you don’t know the answer, don’t give up, try attempting it with your knowledge.

For lateral hires:
For lateral hires, a candidate goes through 1/2 phone screens followed by around 4–5 interviews in person. One of these interviews is by the hiring manager and there is one of them is by the bar raiser. Each of these interviews is roughly 45 min – 1 hour in duration.

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HCL paper2

1. The magnitude of the area of a circle is seven times that of its circumference. What is the circumference (in units) of the circle?
a. 616
b. 132
c. 88
d. Can’t be determined
e. None of these

2. A mixture of 45 liters of spirit and water contains 20% of water in it. How much water must be added to make the water 25% in the new mixture?
a. 5 liters
b. 3 liters
c. 4 liters
d. 6 liters
e. None of these

3. The length of a rectangular field is double its width, inside the field there is a square-shaped pond 8 m long. If the area of the pond is 1/8 of the field, what is the length of the field?
a. 32 m
b. 16 m
c. 64 m
d. 20 m
e. None of these

4. A bottle contains 3/4 of milk and the rest water. How much of the mixture must be taken away and replaced by equal quantity of water so that the mixture has half milk and half water?
a. 25%
b. 331?2%
c. 45%
d. 50%
e. None of these

5. Krishan has some hens and some cows. If the total number of animal heads are 59 and the total number of feet are 190, how many cows does Krishan have?
a. 36
b. 32
c. 23
d. 20
e. Can’t be determined

6. In an examination it is required to get 296 of the total maximum aggregate marks to pass. A student gets 259 marks and is declared failed. The difference of marks obtained by the student and that required to pass is 5%. What are the maximum aggregate marks a student can get?
a. 690
b. 780
c. 740
d. 749
e. None of these

7. Rahul took a part in cycling game where 1/5 ahead of him and 5/6 behind him then total number of participants =

Ans: 31

8. A family X went for a vacation. Unfortunately it rained for 13 days when they were there. But whenever it rained in the mornings, they had clear afternoons and vice versa. In all they enjoyed 11 mornings and 12 afternoons. How many days did they stay there totally?

Ans: 18 days.
13. Who amongst the following is the actor?
a. E
b. F
c. C
d. B
e. A

9. Who among the following are standing at the extremes?
a. A and F
b. G and C
c. G and F
d. A and B
e. A and C

DIRECTIONS for the question 10: Solve the following question and mark the best possible option.

Point A is 14m north of point B
Point C is 11m east of point B
Point D is 5m north of point C
Point E is 7m west of point D
Point F is 6m north of point E
Point G is 4m west of point F

11. How far is F from point A ?
a. 5m
b. 5.67m
c. 6m
d. 3m
e. 4m

12. How many students are there in the class?
I. There are more than 20 but less than 27 students in the class.
II. There are more than 24 but less than 31 students in the class. the number of students in the class can be divided into groups such that each group contains 5 students.
a. The data in both the Statements I and II together are necessary to answer the question.
b. The data neither in Statement I nor in Statement II are sufficient to answer the question
c. The data either in Statement I alone or in Statement II alone are sufficient to answer the question
d. The data in Statement I alone are sufficient to answer the question, while the data in Statement II alone are not sufficient to answer the question
e. The data in Statement II alone are sufficient to answer the question, while the data in Statement I alone are not sufficient to answer the question.

DIRECTIONS for the questions 13-14: Solve the following question and mark the best possible option.

13. What is the 8th term in the series 1,4, 9, 25, 35, 63, . . .

1, 4, 9, 18, 35, 68, . . .
The pattern is
1 = 21 – 1
4 = 22 – 0
9 = 23 + 1
18 = 24 + 2
35 = 25 + 3
68 = 26 + 4
So 8th term is 28 + 6 = 262

14. Statement: C < L < O = U = D > S > Y
Conclusion: I. O > Y
II. C < D
a. Neither conclusion I nor II follows
b. Both conclusions I and II follows
c. Only conclusion I follows
d. Only conclusion II follows
e. Either conclusion I or II follows

15. An escalator is descending at constant speed. A walks down and takes 50 steps to reach the bottom. B runs down and takes 90 steps in the same time as A takes 10 steps. How many steps are visible when the escalator is not operating?

Lets suppose that A walks down 1 step / min and
escalator moves n steps/ min
It is given that A takes 50 steps to reach the bottom
In the same time escalator would have covered 50n steps
So total steps on escalator is 50 + 50n.
Again it is given that B takes 90 steps to reach the bottom and time
taken by him for this is equal to time taken by A to cover 10 steps i.e
10 minutes. So in this 10 min escalator would have covered 10n steps.
So total steps on escalator is 90 + 10n

Again equating 50 + 50n = 90 + 10n we get n = 1
Hence total number of steps on escalator is 100.
16. How many ways can one arrange the word EDUCATION such that relative positions of vowels and consonants remains same?

The word EDUCATION is a 9 letter word with none of letters repeating
The vowels occupy 3,5,7th & 8th position in the word & remaining five positions are occupied by consonants.
As the relative position of the vowels & consonants in any arrangement should remain the same as in the word EDUCATION
The four vowels can be arranged in 3rd,5th,7th & 8th position in 4! ways.
similarly the five consonants can be arranged in 1st ,2nd ,4th, 6th & 9th position in 5! ways
Hence the total number of ways = 5!×4!=120×24=2880

HCL Interview Process
HCL Paper1
HCL Technology

HCL Interview Process
HCL Paper1
HCL Technology

CTS AMCAT Question Paper



All questions are Multiple-Choice

In the following question select the word which is



  1. reliable
  2. honest
  3. prudent
  4. stupid


  1. insouciance
  2. ingenuity
  3. propriety
  4. austerity

Q3. In the sentence there is a bold word or phrase

the options conveys almost the same meaning as the bold word or phrase in the sentence

Select that option which is nearest in meaning

It is preposterous on your part to look for a job without first completing your education

  1. Wise
  2. Imperative
  3. Advisable
  4. Most admirable
  5. Very absurd

In the following questiones, fill in the blank space

Q4. The success that he has gained, though striking enough, does not, however, commensurate

. . . the efforts made by him.

  1. About
  2. From
  3. With
  4. Beside
  5. Over

Q5. Vinod took his meals after he

  1. Had completed his work
  2. Had been completing his work
  3. Was completing his work
  4. Had been completed his work
  5. Had got completed his work

In the following questions, select the word or phrase that is similar in meaning to the given


Q6. Nonchalance

  1. Neutrality
  2. Indifference
  3. All-knowing
  4. Ignorance
  5. Untimeliness

Q7. Conceal

  1. Hide
  2. Seal
  3. Ceiling
  4. Horrifying

Q8. Read the sentence to find out whether there is any grammatical error in it

if any, will be in one part of the sentence

no error, the answer is ‘D’. (Ignore

(A) The whole thing moves/ (B) around the concept of building a small dynamic/(C)

organisation into a larger one. /(D) No error

  1. (A)
  2. (B)
  3. (C )
  4. (D)

Q9. In the question a part of the sentence is italicised

(A) The whole thing moves/ (B) around the concept of building a small dynamic/(C)

/(D) No error.

Option ‘D’ is the answer.



All questions are Multiple-Choice

Q1. In a kilometre race, if A gives B a 40 m start, A wins by 19 s

start, B wins by 40 m. Find the time taken by B to run 5,000 m?

  1. 150 s
  2. 450 s
  3. 750 s
  4. 825 s

Q2. Pipe A takes 16 min to fill a tank

circumferences are in the ratio 2:3, fill another tank twice as big as the f

cross-sectional circumference that is one

the second tank? (Assume the rate at which water flows through a unit cross

is same for all the three pipes. )

  1. 66/13
  2. 40/13
  3. 16/13
  4. 32/13

Q3. Three consecutive whole numbers are such that the square of the middle number is

greater than the product of the other two by 1

  1. 6
  2. 18
  3. 12
  4. All of these

Q4. The arithmetic mean of 2 numbers is 34 and their geometric mean is 16

numbers will be

  1. 4
  2. 16
  3. 18
  4. 12

Q5. If x% of a is the same as y% of b, then z% of b is :

  1. (xy/z)% of a
  2. (yz/x)% of a

Q6. The letters of the word WOMAN are written in all possible orders and these words are

written out as in a dictionary ,then the rank of the word ‘WOMAN’ is

  1. 117
  2. 120
  3. 118
  4. 119

Q7. What least number must be subtracted from 9400 to get a number exactly divisib


  1. 40
  2. 20
  3. 80
  4. none of these

Q8. If 2505 / 0. 5 = 5010 then 25

  1. 5. 010
  2. 50. 10
  3. 501. 0
  4. None of these

Q9. Which pair of rational numbers lie between 1/5 and 2/5

  1. 262/1000, 275/1000
  2. 362/1000, 562/1000
  3. 451/1000, 552/1000
  4. 121/1000,131/1000

Q10. What is the value of the following expression: 2 log

  1. 2
  2. 2. 5
  3. 3
  4. None of these

Q11. If x increases linearly, how will a

  1. Increase linearly
  2. Decrease linearly
  3. Increase exponentially
  4. Decrease exponentially


Q12. What is the probability of getting the sum 5 in two throws of the dice?

  1. 1/12
  2. 1/5
  3. 1/9
  4. None of these



All questions are Multiple-Choice

Q1. The question shows a pair of words in which the first is related to the second in some

way. It is followed by a single word which bears a similar relation to one of the given

alternatives. Find the correct alternative to complete the analogy

Melt:Liquid::Freeze: ?

  1. Ice
  2. Condense
  3. Solid
  4. Crystal

Q2. Fill in the blankGuilt is to

  1. Present
  2. Future
  3. Today
  4. Despair
  5. Hopeless

Q3. From the given choices select the odd man out:

  1. Bird
  2. Kite
  3. Crow
  4. Pigeon
  5. Sparrow

Q4. Find the missing pattern


  1. DQSF
  2. FSHU
  3. SHFU
  4. DSQF

Q5. Find the missing number


5 : 24 :: 8 : ?

  1. 65
  2. 63
  3. 62
  4. 64

Q6. From the given choices select the odd man out

  1. DFHEG
  2. TWXUV
  3. OQSPR
  4. JLNKM

Q7. If HARD is coded as 1357 and SOFT is coded as 2468, what will 21448 stand for?

  1. SHAFT
  2. SHORT
  3. SHOOT
  4. SHART

Q8. Find the next number in the series

1, 6, 13, 22, 33, . . . . . .

  1. 44
  2. 45
  3. 46
  4. 47

Q9. The question contains some

the given conclusions logically follow from the given statements, disregarding commonly

known facts.


  1. I) All tomatoes are red.
  2. II) All grapes are tomatoes.


  1. I) All grapes are red.
  2. II) Some Tomatoes are grapes.
  3. Only conclusion I follows.
  4. Only conclusion II follows.
  5. Neither I nor II follows
  6. Both I and II follows
  7. Either I or II follows

Q9. Old woman’s son is my daughter’s uncle, then what relation


  1. Sister
  2. Mother
  3. Grandmother
  4. Mother – in – law

Q10. Ramu was facing East. He walked 4 km forward and then after turning to his right

walked 6 km. Again he turned to his right and walked 7 km

Which direction was he facing at the time?

  1. East
  2. North
  3. South
  4. West
  5. North-East

Q11. Raman is not wearing purple and Aman is not wearing black

different colours. Avinash alone wears gree

wearing different colours.

  1. Green
  2. Black
  3. Purple
  4. Can’t Say

Q12. The question is followed by two arguments numbered I and II

which of the arguments is a strong argument

Statement :

Should a total ban be put on trapping wild animals?

Arguments :

  1. Yes, Trappers are making a lot of money
  2. No, bans on hunting and trapping are not effective
  3. Only argument I is strong.
  4. Only argument II is strong.
  5. Either I or II is strong.
  6. Neither I nor II is strong.
  7. Both I and II are strong

Q13. The question contains a statement followed by two Assumptions I and II

which assumption(s) is implicit


Vitamin E tablets improve circulation, keep your complexion in glowing condition

Assumptions :

  1. People like glowing complexion
  2. Complexion becomes dull in the absence of circulation
  3. Only assumption I is implicit
  4. Only assumption II is implicit
  5. Both assumption I and II are implicit
  6. Neither assumption I nor II is implicit

Q14. Study the statement(s) and the conclusions and select the correct option

Statement :

No country is absolutely self – dependent these days

Conclusions :

  1. It is imposible to grow and produce all that a country needs
  2. Countrymen in general have become lazy
  3. Only Conclusion I follows
  4. Only Conclusion II follows
  5. Both the conclusion I and II follow
  6. Either conclusion I or II follows
  7. Neither conclusion I nor II follows

Q15. In the question a statement is followed by some courses of action

is a step or administrative decisions to be taken for improvement, follow

action in regard to the problem, policy, etc

to be true and then decide which of the given suggested course(s) of action logically follows

for pursuing.


‘The World Bank has approved a $ 300 million loan to finance a project

by Madras Port Trusts.

Courses of Action :

  1. India should take financial help from other international financial institutions to develop such

ports in other places.

  1. India should not seek any help from the international fina
  2. Only I follows
  3. Only II follows
  4. Either I or II follows



All questions are Multiple-Choice

Q1. A 8-bit signed integer has the following range:

  1. 0 to 255
  2. -128 to 127
  3. -255 to 254
  4. 0 to 509

Q2. What will be the output of the following code statements?

integer x = 34. 54, y = 20, z =

print ( y > 50 AND z > 10 or x > 30 )

  1. 0
  2. 1
  3. -1
  4. 10

Q3. Pankaj makes a program to print the product of cubes of the first 10 whole numbers

She writes the following program:

integer x = 0 // statement 1

integer sum = 0 // statement 2

while ( x < 10 ) // statement 3


sum = x*x*x // statement 4

x = x + 1 // statement 5


print sum // statement 6

Is her program correct? If not, which statement will you modify to correct it?

  1. No error, the program is correct
  2. Statement 1
  3. Statement 4
  4. statement 6

Q4. I have a problem to solve which takes as input a number n

property that given the solution for (n

programming technique will I use to solve such a problem?

  1. Iteration
  2. Decision-making
  3. Object Oriented Programming
  4. Recursion

Q5. Given:

integer x = 40, y = 35, z = 20, w = 10

Comment about the output of the following two statements:

print x * y / z – w

print x * y / (z – w)

  1. Differ by 80
  2. Same
  3. Differ by 50
  4. Differ by 160

Q6. Data and function in which area of a class are directly accessible outside the class?

  1. Public
  2. Private
  3. Protected
  4. None of these

Q7. Here is an infix notation: ((A+B)*C

of the above from the given options

  1. AB+CD*E–FG+^
  2. AB+C*DE–FG+^
  3. AB+C*DE-FG-+^
  4. A+BC*DE-FG-+^

Q8. If the depth of a tree is 3 levels, then what is the

  1. 2
  2. 4
  3. 6
  4. 8


Q9. One of the following options is a form of access used to add and remove nodes from a


  1. LIFO
  2. FIFO
  3. Both LIFO and FIFO
  4. None of these

Q10. What is the time complexity of adding three ma

  1. O(N)
  2. O(N^2)
  3. O(N^3)
  4. None of these


CTS Interview Process


cognizant (CTS) Selection process

Cognigent (CTS) Selection process:
Qualification – BE, B. Tech, Any Graduation, Any Post Graduation

Academic Criteria:
A total of 60 percent throughout (Class X, XII and
No backlogs.

Location – All across India

Salary – The best in the industry

Selection Process – The selection process is based on requirement of COGNIZANT. Each round of selection is important to get to the next round.

1. Written Test

2. Group Discussions (this may or not be a part of the process)

3. Technical Interview

4. HR Interview

Cognigent Hire through On campus and Off campus.

1.On Campus – MeritTrac
2.Off Campus – AMCAT

1.MeritTrac Orgainised on campus.It has 3 sections.
a)Analytical Ability(Quants) –>15 questions–No section Timing
b)Analytical Ability(Logical)–>15 questions–No Section Timing
c)Verbal Ability –>25 questions–No Section Timing

a)Critical Reasoning –> 15 questions –> 20 minutes
b)Programming –> 2 questions –> 60 minutes
c)Data Interpretation –> 10 questions –> 15 minutes
d)English Comprehension –> 22 questions –> 18 minutes

Total Marks=55 marks
Time=60 mins
Qualify marks=65%

2.AMCAT Orgainised off campus.
2.2)Technical Interview
2.3)Hr Interview

2.1)It has 4 sections.
a)Computer Programming–>25 Questions–>25 Minutes
b)Quantitative Ability–>25 Questions–>35 Minutes
c)Logical Ability –>24 Questions–>35 Minutes
d)Verbal Ability –>18 Questions-–>16 Minutes


a)Quantitative Ability–>16 Questions–>16 Minutes
b)Logical Ability –>14 Questions–>14 Minutes
c)Verbal Ability –>25 Questions-–>25 Minutes

Note :There will be no negative marks
Qualify Marks=65%

2.2)Technical Interview
Almost all the questions are asked from your resume and regarding your project(So Prepare according to it).
Some of programming codes and concepts from C, Java,OOps (Mostly from your choice language.So prepare one language very well), database etc.


CTS AMCAT Question Paper

Infosys Placement paper 1 & 2

Infosys Placement paper 1:

1. 125 small but identical cubes are put together to form a large cube. This large cube is now
painted on all six faces.
(i) How many of the smaller cubes have no face painted at all.
(a) 27
(b) 64
(c) 8
(d) 36
(ii) How many of the smaller cubes have exactly three faces painted?
(a) 98
(b) 100
(c) 96
(d) 95
(iii) How many of the smaller cubes have atleast one side painted?
(a) 4
(b) 8
(c) 9
(d) 27
Side of larger cube is 125−−−√3
= 5
I) No face painted will be in the interior part of the cube.
Interior part will be a cube of side (5 – 2) = 3.
Hence no. of cubes with no face painted ll be 33
= 27
Ans : (a) 27
II) Cubes with 3 faces painted will be the vertices of the cube.
There will be 8 such cubes
Ans : 8 [Wrong options… 3rd options should come here]
III) Atleast 1 face painted ⇒
greater than or equal to 1
Cube with 1 face painted + cube with 2 side painted + cube with 3 side painted
Cube with 1 face painted will be the outermost layer of larger cube but not on the edges.
i.e. (5–2)2
= 9 cubes on 1 side
So totally 6 ×
9 = 54 cubes
Cube with 2 face painted ll be edges of the larger cube but
(5 – 2) = 3.
Since a cube has 12 edges, totally 12×
3 = 36 cubes
Cube with 3 sides painted = 8 cubes
Totally 54 + 36 + 8 = 98 cubes
Ans : 98

2. A train 110 m long is running with a speed of 60 km/hr. At what time will it pass a man who is running at 6 km/hr in the direction opposite to that in which the train is going?

a)5 sec
b)6 sec
c)7 sec
d)10 sec
Answer: Option b

3. 7528 : 5306 :: 4673 : ?
a) 2367
b) 2451
c) 2531
d) 2489
Answer is 2451.
As there is a difference of 2222.
7528 – 2222 = 5306.
So 4673 – 2222 = 2451
4. x2–y2=16
and xy
= 15 so find out x + y ?
= 16
= 16
So 16 comes in following table
1 ×
16, 2 × 8, 4 ×
Using 2 x 8 equation
and x–y=2
So x = 5 or 3 and y = 3 or 5
So answer is 8.
5. Census population of a district in 1981 was 4.54 Lakhs, while in year 2001 it was 7.44 Lakhs.
What was the estimated mid-year population of that district in year 2009.
1981 ⇒
2001 ⇒
Difference ( year ) = 20
Difference ( population ) = 2.9
So population per year = 2.920
= 0.145
2009 ⇒
x = ?
Hence x = 7.44 + 8×0.145
=8.6 Lakhs
6. Based on the statement in the question, mark the most logical pair of statement that follow
“Either he will shout or they will fire”.
(1) He shouted.
(2) He did not shout.
(3) They fired
(4) They did not fire
(a) 1,4
(b) 2,3
(c) 4,1
Either or condition is true atleast one of the condition should happen. Answer is option C
because according to the given sentence.
“Either he will shout or they will fire”
One of the two must happen whether he shouting or they firing.
If one of them happens, the other will not happen.
So if he did not shout then the firing should happen,so they fired.
If they did not fire it means the first thing has happened, so he shouted.
7. Gautham passes through seven lane to reach his school. He finds that YELLOW lane is
between his house and KAMA lane. The third lane from his school is APPLE lane. PEACOCK
lane is immediately before the PARK lane. He passes ASH lane at the end. KAMA lane is
between YELLOW lane and PEACOCK lane. The sixth lane from his house is RAO lane.
I. How many lane are there between KAMA lane and RAO lane ?
a) one
b) two
c) three
d) four
II. After passing the park lane how many lane does Gautham cross to reach the school ?
a) 4
b) 3
c) 2
d) 1
III. After passing the YELLOW lane how many lane does Gautham cross to reach the school ?
a) 4
b) 6
c) 2
d) 1
IV. Which lane is between PARK lane and RAO lane ?
a) YELLOW lane
b) KAMA lane
c) APPLE lane
d) PEACOCK lane
V. If the house of Gautham,each lane and his school are equidistant and he takes 2 min to pass
one lane then how long will he take to reach school from his house ?
a) 18 min
b) 16 min
c) 14 min
d) 12 min
1. 3 Lanes between KAMA lane and RAO lane
2. Answer is 2 because after passing the PARK lane Gautham cross 3 lane to reach the school.
3. After passing the YELLOW lane Gautham cross 6 lane to reach the school.
4. APPLE lane
5. 16 minutes
8. Find the maximum value of n such that 50! is perfectly divisible by 2520^n .
2520 = 23×32×5×7
Here 7 is the Highest prime So find the number of 7’s in 50! only.
Number of 7’s in 50! = [507]+[5072]
= 7+1 = 8
For n(max) = 8, 50! is perfectly divisible by 25208
9. Find the no of ways in which 6 toffees can be distributed over 5 different people namely
We assume that all the toffees are similar. Then Number of ways are (n+r−1)Cr−1
. Here A + B + C + D + E = 6
Here r = 5, n = 6
Number of ways = 6+5−1C5−1 = 10C4 = 210.
If all the toffees are different, then each toffee can be distributed to any of the five. So total ways
are 56
10. A train covered a distance at a uniform speed .if the train had been 6 km/hr faster it would
have been 4 hour less than schedule time and if the train were slower by 6 km/hr it would have
been 6 hrs more.find the distance.
Let t be the usual time taken by the train to cover the distance
Let d be the distance, s be the usual speed
Usual time taken→
d/s = t => d =t×s
= t – 4
= t – 4
ts = ts + 6t – 4s – 24
6t – 4s – 24 = 0 →
d/(s – 6) = t + 6
ts = ts – 6t + 6s – 36
– 6t + 6s – 36=0 →
Solving (1) and (2), v get
s = 30 km/h
t = 24 hrs
d = t×s
d = 30×24
= 720 km
Ans : 720 km
11. A girl leaves from her home. She first walks 30 metres in North-west direction and then 30
metres in South-west direction. Next, she walks 30 metres in South-east direction. Finally, she
turns towards her house. In which direction is she moving?
A) North-east
B) North-west
C) South-east
D) South-west
E) None of these
12. There are two containers on a table. A and B. A is half full of wine, while B,which is twice
A’s size, is one quarter full of wine. Both containers are filled with water and the contents are
poured into a third container C. What portion of container C’s mixture is wine?
Let d size of container A is “x”
then B’s size will be “2x”
A is half full of wine ⇒x2
So remaining “x2
” of A contains water
B is quarter full of win ⇒2×4⇒x2
So remaining ⇒2x–x2=3×2
of B contains water
Totally C has A’s content + B’s Content = x + 2x = 3x
Wine portion in C = x2
of “A” + x2
of “B”
x portion of wine
Water portion in C = x2
of “A” + 3×2
of “B”
portion of water
So portion of wine in C is
portion of wine
if 1/3 expressed in %
= 33.33%
Ans : 33.33% of wine
13. Four persons A,B,C,D were there. All were of different weights. All Four gave a
statement.Among the four statements only the person who is lightest in weight of all others gave
a true statement.
A Says : B is heavier than D.
B Says : A is heavier than C.
C Says : I am heavier than D.
D Says : C is heavier than B.
Find the lightest and List the persons in ascending order according to their weights ?
A says B > D
B says A > C
C says C > D
D says C > B
Since the person with lightest weight tells the truth
C lies ( If C tells the truth, then C is not the lightest and then C lies )

D > C is the true statement.
So D is also not the lightest person and D lies.
B > C
So from A and B only one is telling the truth and that is not B because
B > C, so B is not the lightest
A is the lightest
Ans: A
14. There is well of depth 30 m and frog is at bottom of the well. He jumps 3 m in one day and
falls back 2 m in the same day. How many days will it take for the frog to come out of the well?
28 days
Frog jumps 3 m in day & falls back 2 m at night
so,frog will be 3 – 2 = 1 m up in a day.
Thus, in 27 days it will be 27 m up
On 28th day it will be at top i.e 27 + 3 = 30 m & will not fall down.
15. Find the next term in the given series
47, 94, 71, 142, 119, 238, _ ?
Ans : 215, 430
(47, 94) (71, 142) (119, 238) (X, Y)
= 94
94 – 23 = 71
142 – 23 = 119
= 238
238 – 23 = 215
= 430
So the next 2 terms are 215 , 430
16. A train leaves Meerut at 5 a.m. and reaches Delhi at 9 a.m. Another train leaves Delhi at 7
a.m. and reaches Meerut at 10.30 a.m. At what time do the two trains travel in order to cross each
other ?
Let the total distance be x
So the speed of 1st train is x/4 and 2nd train x/3.5
In 2 hours 1st train covers half of the total distance .
So remaining is only half of the total distance(ie x/2).
Let t be the time taken
t = 1415
i.e. 56 min
i.e. Total time taken= 2 hrs + 56 min
Time they cross each other is 7:56 am (5+2.56)
Answer 7:56 am
17. ‘A’ and ‘B’ started a business in partnership investing Rs 20000/- and Rs 15000/-
respectively. After six months ‘C’ jointed them with Rs 20000/-. What will be B’s share in the
total profit of Rs 25000/- earned at the end of two years from the starting of the business?
A:B:C = (20000×24):(15000×24):(20000×18)
= 4 : 3 : 3
B’s Share = 3×250004+3+3
= 7500
18. b,x,e,u,h,_?
We know that a = 1,b = 2, ……….., z = 26
Convert the alphabets into numbers.we get number series as follows
2, 24, 5, 21, 8
In these (2,5,8) belong to one group as they have common difference of 3
(24,21,_?)these are of one group as they have difference of –3.
So the next number is 21 – 3=18.
If we convert 18 into alphabet it is “r”.
Since r = 18.
19. 3,5,11,29,83,245, _ ?
We have to find the differences between the given numbers and then by applying that number
with 3 we can get the result
5 – 3 = 2
See here the result is 2,then multiply it with 3
11 – 5 = 6
29 – 11 = 18
83 – 29 = 54
245 – 83 = 162
731– 245 = 486
5 – 3 = 2
11 – 5 = 6 (2×3
29 – 11 = 18 (6×3
83 – 29 = 54 (18×3
245 – 83 = 162 (54×3
731 – 245 = 486 (162×3
20. A Jar contains 18 balls. 3 blue balls are removed from the jar and not replaced.Now the
probability of getting a blue ball is 1/5 then how many blue balls jar contains initially ?
x/15 = 1/5
x = 3
3 + 3 (removed 3 blue balls) = 6

Infosys Placement paper 2

1. The hour hand lies between 3 and 4. Tthe difference between hour and minute hand is 50 degree.What
are the two possible timings?
The angle between the hour hand and minute hand at a given time H:MM is given by
θ = 30×H – 211×MM
The time after H hours, hour hand and minute hand are at
MM = | 211×((30×H)±θ) |
given H = 3, MM = 50
Substituting the above values in the formula
θ = 8011, 28011
2. Jack and Jill went up and down a hill. They started from the bottom and Jack met Jill again 20 miles
from the top while returning. Jack completed the race 1 min a head of Jill. If the hill is 440 miles high and
their speed while down journey is 1.5 times the up journey. How long it took for the Jack to complete the
race ?
Assume that height of the hill is 440 miles.
Let speed of Jack when going up = x miles/minute
and speed of Jill when going up = y miles/minute
Then speed of Jack when going down = 1.5x miles/minute
and speed of Jill wen going up = 1.5y miles/minute
Case 1 :
Jack met jill 20 miles from the top. So Jill travelled 440 – 20 = 420 miles.
Time taken for Jack to travel 440 miles up and 20 miles down = Time taken for Jill to travel 420 miles up
68y = 63x
y = 63×68 —(1)
Case 2 : Time taken for Jack to travel 440 miles up and 440 miles down = Time taken for Jill to travel 440
miles up and 440 miles down – 1
440x+4401.5x=440y+4401.5y – 1
Substitute (2) in (1) we get
x = 440×5×53×63
t = 440×53(1x)
t = 12.6min
3. Data Sufficiency question:
A, B, C, D have to stand in a queue in descending order of their heights. Who stands first?
I. D was not the last, A was not the first.
II. The first is not C and B was not the tallest.
D because A is not first neither C and B is not the tallest person. The only person will be first is D.
So option (C). We can answer this question using both the statements together.
4. One of the longest sides of the triangle is 20 m. The other side is 10 m. Area of the triangle is
80 m2. What is the another side of the triangle?
If a,b,c are the three sides of the triangle.
Then formula for Area = (s(s–a)×(s–b)×(s–c))−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−−√
Where s = (a+b+c)2=12×(30+c)
[Assume a = 20 ,b = 10]
Check the options.
5. Data Sufficiency Question:
a and b are two positive numbers. How many of them are odd?
I. Multiplication of b with an odd number gives an even number.
II.a2 – b is even.
From the 1st statement b is even, as when multiplied by odd it gives even
a2 – b = even
⇒ a is even
Here none of a and b are odd
6. Mr. T has a wrong weighing pan. One arm is lengthier than other. 1 kilogram on left balances 8
melons on right, 1 kilogram on right balances 2 melons on left. If all melons are equal in weight, what is
the weight of a single melon.
Let additional weight on left arm be x.
Weight of melon be m
x + 1 = 8 x m – – – – – – (1)
x + 2 x m = 1 – – – – – – (2)
Solving 1 & 2 we get.
Weight of a single Melon = 200 gm.
7. a, b, b, c, c, c, d, d, d, d, . . . . . . Find the 288th letter of this series.
Observe that each letter appeared once, twice, thrice …. They form an arithmetic progression. 1+2+3……
We know that sum of first n natural numbers = n(n+1)2
So n(n+1)2 ≤ 288
For n = 23, we get 276. So for n = 24, the given series crosses 288.
Ans is X
8. If ABC =C3 and CAB = D3, Then find D3÷B3
ABC = C3
So, look for a number, that has a 3 digit cube, and the last digit of the cube is same as the number
itself: 53 = 125
So, CAB = 512 = 83
D = 8 and B = 2
Answer = 64.
9. There are three trucks A, B, C. A loads 10 kg/min. B loads 13 1/3 kg/min. C unloads 5 kg/min. If three
simultaneously works then what is the time taken to load 2.4 tones?
Work done in 1 min =10 + 403 – 5= 553 kg/min
For 1 kg = 3/55 min
For 2.4 tonnes = 3/55 x 2.4 x 1000 = 130 mins = 2hrs 10min
10. If A = x3y2 and B=xy3, then find the HCF of A, B
B = x×y3
To find the HCF of the above numbers, take minimum power of x and y in both the numbers.
HCF = Common terms from both A & B and minimum powers = x×y2
11. HERE = COMES – SHE, (Assume s = 8)
Find value of R + H + O
E + E = S = 8 => E = 4
3 digit no. + 4 digit no. = 5 digit no. ⇒ C = 1 ,O = 0, H = 9 etc
So 9454 + 894 = 10348
– 894
R + H + O = 5 + 9 + 0 = 14
12. A person is 80 years old in 490 and only 70 years old in 500 in which year is he born?
a) 400
b) 550
c) 570
d) 440
He must have born in BC 570
Hence in BC 500 he will be 70 years
And in BC 490 he will be 80 years
13. Lucia is a wonderful grandmother and her age is between 50 and 70. Each of her sons have as many
sons as they have brothers. Their combined ages give Lucia’s present age.what is the age?
The question basically states that if Lucia were to have say 10 sons, then each son would have 9 sons
(Lucia’s grandsons – since each son has 9 brothers). So the total in this case would be 9×10 grandsons +
10 sons = 100.
Let us assume Lucia has got x sons. Now each son has (x – 1) sons. So total = x + (x – 1) x. For x = 8 we
get 64 which is in between 50 and 60. ( 7 x 8 grandsons + 8 sons = 64 )
14. A family X went for a vacation. Unfortunately it rained for 13 days when they were there. But
whenever it rained in the mornings, they had clear afternoons and vice versa. In all they enjoyed 11
mornings and 12 afternoons. How many days did they stay there totally?
Clearly 11 mornings and 12 afternoons = 23 half days
since 13 days raining means 13 half days.
so 23 – 13 =10 half days ( not affected by rain )
so 10 half days = 5 full days
Total no. of days = 13 + 5 = 18 days.
15. Find the unit digit of product of the prime number up to 50 .
Prime number up to 50 are
Product = 2×3×5×7×11×−−−×43×47
There’s a term 2×5=10
So unit digit of product = 0
16. HOW + MUCH = POWER Then P + O + W + E + R =
Here p = 1 and M = 9 because after adding carry bit it gives result 10. Hence O = 0,here three digits 0,1,9
have been used.
Now, put all remaining value in 3rd column and check which value is suitable for H,U and W and we get
H = 7,U = 8 and W = 5 and 1 carry which will be added in 4th column.
Now in first column we have W + H = R means 5 + 7 = 2 and 1 carry will add in 2nd column
in 2nd column, 0 + C = E,0 + 3 + 1 = 4 so C = 3,E = 4
+ 705
so P + O + W + E + R = 1 + 0 + 5 + 4 + 2 = 12
17. Complete the series..
2 2 12 12 30 30 ?
Answer is 56.
It follows the series as:
1 x 2 = 2
2 x 1 = 2
3 x 4 = 12
4 x 3 = 12
5 x 6 = 30
6 x 5 = 30
7 x 8 = 56
This is the required number for the series.

Infosys Interview Process
Infosys Placement Paper Syllabus

Infosys Placement Paper Syllabus

Infosys Placement Paper Syllabus:

1.Verbal Ability Syllabus

Sentence Completion
Spelling Test
Passage Completion
Sentence Arrangement
Idioms and Phrases
Para Completion
Error Correction
Fill in the blanks
Active and Passive Voice
Spotting Errors
Sentence Improvement
Joining Sentences
Identify the Errors
Plural Forms
Odd Words
Identify the Sentences
Sentence Pattern


Infosys Placement Paper Syllabus:

2.Quantitative Aptitude Syllabus

Permutations & Combinations
Time Speed & Distance
Time & Work
Profit & Loss
Ratio & Proportion
Simple & Compound Interest
Number Series
Mixtures & Alligations
Number System
Heights and Distances
Geometry & Mensuration
Data Sufficiency
Pipes and Cisterns
Boats and Streams
Areas, Volumes


Infosys Placement Paper Syllabus:

3.Reasoning Syllabus
Number Series
Letter Series
Binary Logic
Clocks & Calendars
Cubes & Dice
Blood Relations
Data Sufficiency
Seating Arrangement
Venn Diagrams
Problem Solving
Coded Inequalities
Double Lineup
Logical Deductions
Routes & Networks
Grouping & Selections
Evaluating Course of Action
Statements and Conclusions
Mathematical and Computer Operations
Critical Reasoning
Situation Reaction Test
Decision Making
Symbols and Notations
Direction Sense Test
Logical Sequence Of Words
Assertion and Reason
Verification of Truth of the Statement
Statements and Assumptions

Infosys Placement Paper 1 and 2
Infosys Interview Process

TCS Aptitude questions

TCS Aptitude questions:
1.In a 200 meters race, A beats B by 20 meters, while in a 100 meters race, B beats C by 5 meters. A beats C in a kilometer race by?

2.A person purchases tomatoes from each of the 4 places at the rate of 1 kg, 2 kg, 3 kg, 4 kg per rupee respectively. On an average he has purchased x kg of tomatoes per rupee. Then the value of x is?

3.The value of 51/4 × (125)0.25 is?

4.A sum of money doubles itself in 7 years. In how many years it becomes four fold?

5.A fast train takes 3 hours less than a slow train for a journey of 600 km, If the speed of the slow train is 10 km/hr less than that of the fast train, the speeds of the two trains are?

6.When 75% of a number is added to 75, the result is the same number. The number is?

7.If 5 spiders can catch five flies in five minutes, how many flies can hundred spiders catch in 100 minutes?

8.A car travels 25km an hour faster than a bus for a journey of 500km. If the bus takes 10 hours more than the car, then the speeds of ?

9.An article is bought for Rs. 600 and sold for Rs. 750. The gain percent is?

10.If P : Q = 3 : 4 and Q : R = 5 : 6, then P : Q : R is?

11. If A can copy 50 pages in 10 hours and A and B together can copy 70 pages in 10 hours, how much time does B takes to copy 26 pages?

12. A bus started from bustand at 8.00a m and after 30 min staying at destination, it returned back to the bustand. the destination is?

13. miles from the bustand. the speed of the bus 50 percent fast speed. at what time it returns to the bustand?

14. A person had to multiply two numbers. Instead of multiplying by 35, he multiplied by 53 and the product went up by 540. What was the raised product?

15. With 4/5 full tank vehicle travels 12 miles, with 1/3 full tank how much distance travels?

16. wind blows 160 miles in 330min.for 80 miles how much time required?

17.A plane moves from 9°N40°E to 9°N40°W. If the plane starts at 10 am and takes 8 hours to reach the destination, find the local arrival time ?

18. A fisherman’s day is rated as good if he catches 9 fishes, fair if 7 fishes and bad if 5 fishes. He catches 53 fishes in a week n had all good, fair n bad days in the week. So how many good, fair n bad days did the fisher man had in the week?

19. What is the probability of getting sum 3 or 4 when 2 dice are rolled?
Answer: 5/36

20. Three companies are working independently and receiving the savings 20%, 30%, 40%. If the companies work combinely, what will be their net savings?

21.The ratio of incomes of C and D is 3:4.the ratio of their expenditures is 4:5. Find the ratio of their savings if the savings of C is one fourths of his income?

22. Find the number of perfect squares in the given series 2013, 2020, 2027,……………., 2300 ?

23. What is in the 200th position of 1234 12344 123444 1234444….?

24. 2345 23455 234555 234555……….. what was last 2 numbers at 200th digit?

25. There are equal number of boys and girls in a class. If 12 girls entered out, twice the boys as girls remain. What was the total number of students in a class?

26. a bb ccc dddd eeeee ………What is the 120th letter?
TCS Interview Process and Questions

TCS Technical Interview Questions

TCS Technical and HR Interview questions

please note what ever language you mentioned in your resume mostly they will ask from there.

Technical Interview questions:
1.Write a program to find factorial of a number using recursive function?
2.Describe 2 different ways to concatenate two strings?
3.Give syntax for SQL and ORACLE joins.?
4.How is modularity introduced in C++?
5.What is the difference between a Stack and a Queue?
6.Give example to differentiate between call by value and call by reference?
7.Why the usage of pointers in C++ is not recommended ?
8.What do you mean by Data mining?
9.Write a program to reverse a string.
10.Describe these concepts: Polymorphism, Inheritance and Abstraction?
11.What is full form of SMAC? Discuss few about it.
12.What is cloud computing? Give some of its applications in real world?
13.What are stacks? Give some of its applications.
14.One rectangular plate with length 8inches,breadth 11 inches and 2 inches thickness is there. what is the length of the circular rod with diameter 8 inches and equal to volume of rectangular plate?
15.How would you connect 8 dots with 3 lines.
16.Give the difference between the type casting and automatic type conversion. Also tell a suitable C++ code to illustrate both.
17.Can you declare a private method as static?
18.How many JVMs can run on a single machine and 19.what is the meaning of Just-In-Time (JIT) compiler?
20.Differentiate between copy and default constructor.
21.What is #ifdef ? What is its application?
22.You are given a singly linked list. How would you find out if it contains a loop or not without using temporary space?
23.A person was fined for exceeding the speed limit by 10 mph. Another person was also fined for exceeding the same speed limit by twice the same. If the second person was travelling at a speed of 45 mph. find the speed limit .
24.What are different errors encountered while complying?
25.How would you implement two stacks using a single array?
26.Difference between keyword and identifier.
27.What is the Big-O Notation?
28.What do you understand by garbage collection in Java? Can it be forced to run?
29.What happens if an array goes out-of-bounds?
30.What is the role of C++ shorthand’s?
31.Discuss the function of conditional operator, size of operator and comma operator with examples.
32.Describe friend function & its advantages?
33.Differentiate between null and void pointers.
34.Write a program to add three numbers in C++ utilizing classes?
35.Devise a program that inputs a 3 digit number n and finds out whether the number is prime or not. Find out its factors?
36.Explain debugger?
37.What are the different types of sorting? Explain the difference between them?
38.What is meant by entry controlled loop? What all C++ loops are exit controlled?

HR Interview:
Describe your hobbies.
Your working hours might be as long as 14 hrs per day. Do you think you’ll be able manage that?
Are you willing to relocate?
According to you, which profile in our organization matches your skills?
Tell us something about yourself.
Was asked to give an approach the below problem:
“Let’s say that you have 25 horses, and you want to pick the fastest 3 horses out of those 25. In each race, only 5 horses can run at the same time because there are only 5 tracks. What is the minimum number of races required to find the 3 fastest horses without using a stopwatch?”
Do you wish to change your domain? If yes, why?
Describe an experience of yours wherein you were asked to do something which you didn’t like to do and how you handled it?
What are your expectations from the company?
Will you be comfortable relocating?
Can you please run us through your resume?
Describe your interests and hobbies.
What do you think are leadership qualities?
How would you measure 4 liters using jugs of 3l and 5l? Give a few solutions to this problem?
Write a program to allot rooms to n students on basis of roll number.
Why do you think makes you a suitable candidate for this job?
Why haven’t you received any other offer till now?
You are not as experienced as this position demands. How will you cope with it?
Rate your communication skills and technical skills.
What is your style of management? What irks you the most about your co-workers?
Give a brief introduction of yourself.
Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now?
Do you have any questions for us?
Why should you be hired for this role?
Give an instance when you showed leadership skills.
What do you know about the various competitors of TCS in the market?

TCS Interview Process and Questions

TCS Aptitude Questions